Advertising Students From China Visit PIMS

Giving the “nickel tour” of the PremierIMS facility is something Norm Pegram, CEO, loves to do any day of the week. Norm gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to print and process thousands of mail pieces on a daily basis.

“Folks always find it fascinating to see the printing presses and addressing machines in action. When you see thousands of pieces of mail get addressed in just minutes it really shows the machine power involved in processing high mail volumes,” said Norm.

Recently, Professor Daniel Ng and his advertising students from Shantou University Cheung Kong School of Journalism stopped by PremierIMS for a facility tour. The students were visiting the U.S. for the first time through an exchange program between the UH Valenti School of Communications and Shantou University. Norm lead the tour group and showed the students the steps involved in producing a direct mail piece from start to finish.

“Thank you so much for hosting us yesterday. It was a thrill to see such an operation. Students learned a lot by understanding the conventional way of marketing here in US. The future looks bright for DM (direct mail) in the States,” said Professor Ng.

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