Double Your Brand's Impact with The Double Mailer

A powerhouse duo that commands attention.

Are you searching for a unique direct mail piece to advertise your products? Do you have a lengthy message and not sure what type of mail piece to use? 

Look no further! The Double Mailer is an incredible two-piece mailer that contains both an over-sized flyer and medium sized postcard that together makes a big impression. The over-sized flyer gives you ample room for text and photos while the postcard serves as a reinforcement piece. From showcasing products and services to featuring sales and special promotions, the versatility of this mail piece makes it unique.  


The Double Mailer – Over-sized Flyer & Postcard Combo

Double Mailer – Over-sized Flyer & Postcard Combo

The Double Mailer is used by various industries because it provides endless design options. The Over-sized Flyer is 9.5″ x 22″ and folds to 9.5″ x 11″, full color on gloss enamel text stock. The Postcard is 5″ x 9″, full color with bleeds.


Retail stores advertise products, services, specials sales and promotions.

Shopping Center

Shopping centers showcase all their stores, and it allows the stores to advertise products, services and sales.

Medical, Financial, Auto

Industries that use the Double Mailer

Real Estate: Developers feature master planned home sites including photos of homes and community.

Financial: Banks and credit unions outline special promotions, banking services and departments, and introduce trust officers, mangers, etc.

Healthcare: From neighborhood 24 hour clinics to general practitioners, providers highlight their specialties and services, include photos of  facilities and profiles of doctors.

Education: Public and private schools and colleges describe classes, degree plans and programs. Feature achievements, articles and news.

Automotive: Local and national car dealerships promote special financing deals, cars on sale, automotive repair services and staff.



Double Mailer Benefits


Two amazing direct mail pieces for the price of one.


Saturation mailing to targeted zip code.


Unlimited uses and design options.

Let’s get started on your Double Mailer!

We’ve been helping marketers and business owners with their printing and mailing since 1981. Our sales team are experts at direct mail each having over twenty years’ experience in the industry.

To get started, we’ll discuss your project and suggest the best way to maximize the Double Mailer for your sales and promotions. We’re here to help you get the most out of direct mail.

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