People have been experimenting with self driving cars since the 1920s. The technology consisted of a transmitting antennae placed on a car operated by a second car following behind it. Fast forward to today, and the self driving cars being tested have incredible software and sensors that help it navigate the road. All those Sci-fi movies with auto-piloted and flying cars weren't too far-fetched because it seems the future of transportation is headed in that direction.  

FedEx, Amazon and DHL are all testing robotic vehicles in the use of package deliveries. The USPS has jumped on board too, and is currently testing self-driving mail trucks. They claim these types of trucks will help save the agency money and help postal workers be more efficient in delivering mail. 

According to an article written by Aarian Marshall

If all goes according to plan, the USPS will pilot 10 prototypes on rural routes in 2019, leading up to that full-scale, countrywide rural deployment between 2022 and 2025. The mail people also say they plan to look into city deliveries and building fully driverless vehicles, the kind that don't need steering wheels or pedals.

In just a couple of years, postal workers will start working with their self-driving vehicles, and it will be interesting to learn how much it improves their daily job functions. Not having to worry about reaching across the seat to press the brake pedal or steer the wheel will definitely free them up to focus on many other important tasks.

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