What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a stand-alone web page used for advertising and promotional purposes. The objective of the page is to sell a specific product, generate leads or gather information. Landing pages with a clear call to action and simple design are very effective for generating new leads and increasing conversion rates. 

Landing Page Vs. Website

Landing pages are hyper focused to concentrate on one specific promotion or offer. The page is generally linked to a digital ad shared on social media platforms and the internet. Landing pages use call to action buttons and forms to help guide users towards conversion. 

Websites are not designed to focus just on one promotion or offer. They contain many pages that provide in-depth information about products, services, company information, staff and so on. Even though a web page can be dedicated to one specific promotion, prospects can easily get distracted and wander off course when presented with too much content and you risk losing the sale.

Core Elements of a Landing Page

  • Logo
  • Main Headline – this should reflect the ad
  • Value Proposition Statement
  • Well-designed form
  • High contrast CTA button
  • Hero image
  • Bulleted list of benefits
  • Customer testimonials