Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail and digital marketing solutions.

From traditional media to digital channels, brands today have more opportunities to reach prospects than ever before. Consumers are quick to adapt new technology and access content across multiple platforms and interact with a wide variety of channels. Marketers must take a multichannel approach to advertising to better connect with target audiences.

Direct Mail & Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool with excellent targetability, personalization, and wide appeal across different age groups. Pairing your direct mail with digital channels not only improves response rates but it drives target audiences to your online channels. We offer the services you need to create multichannel marketing campaigns that result in seamless, perfectly-timed messages that target the right prospects. 

Multichannel Services

Intelligent Mail Tracking
Triggered Emails
QR Codes & URLs
Customized Landing Pages
Retargeting Ads
Dashboard and Reporting

Intelligent Mail Tracking

Know when your mail gets delivered by first scan, last scan and delivery date. View mail tracking reports from a national view to a single piece. Trigger E-mails and other communication based on delivery dates.

Triggered Email

Increase engagement and improve conversion rates with triggered email messages that are distributed based on mail delivery times. Metric reports track and capture data that will help you gage the effectiveness of your emails.

QR Codes and URLs

Tie your campaign responses together with QR Codes and personalized URLs. We take the mail data you’ve provided and assign QR Codes and URLs to each prospect in the database. It gives your prospects access to the response channels we’ll help you create.

Landing Pages

Make it easy for your target audience to sign up for your offer or request more information with a responsive landing page. Make it generic for mass appeal or personalized for each individual prospect - the level of customization is based on your marketing needs. Automatically populate fields, capture sales leads, trigger acknowledgements and thank-yous and track page views and conversation data.

Retargeting Ads-IP Targeting

Retargeting ads identify visitors to your landing page or website and remarket to them when they are online. IP Targeting lets you serve up web display ads and videos targeted to specific households on your mailing list.

Intuitive Dashboard and Reporting

Intuitive dashboard shows you every element of your campaign on a single screen. Keep tabs on all activity and interactions of every component in your campaign. Reports can be downloaded in a variety of formats and filtered for highly detailed information.

Creating Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Creating multichannel marketing campaigns is less complicated than you might think. Get started in three simple steps:

  • Choose what services you want to include in your campaign
  • Send us your assets: logo, artwork and written content
  • Login to your dashboard to track progress and download reports

We ensure all the pieces of your campaign are there and working together. We offer three pre-designed campaign packages or create a customized package that best fits your marketing needs.

PremierIMS multichannel campaigns

Multichannel Marketing Packages

Starter Campaign

Full Color Postcard, Mailing List, Mail Tracking & Triggered E-Blast.

Mail tracking lets you know when the postcards are delivered and triggers the E-blast. Performance reports included.

Mid-Level Campaign

Full Color Postcard, Mailing List, Mail Tracking & Landing Page.

Landing pages drive more conversions from direct mail. Capture sales leads, track page views and conversion data.

Top-Level Campaign

Full color postcard, Mailing List, Mail Tracking, Triggered E-blast, Landing Page & Reseller ads.

Retargeting ads market prospects after leaving your landing page or website. Keep your brand front and center for better conversion rates.

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