Financial Statement Processing

We get your invoices out faster with special processing software and high-speed printing.

Statement processing of invoices and other documents is a necessary business function that requires personnel and specialized software.

Companies that prepare and send out statements themselves face higher production and labor costs. Additionally, they lose out on significant postage savings because they lack the software and postal knowledge it takes to lower postage costs and speed up mail delivery times.

Outsourcing statement printing and mailing is a valuable solution for companies that want to streamline business functions while saving money.

Statement Processing Solutions

PremierIMS is a reliable source for statement processing, notices and other documents. Our processing software and high-speed printing and inserting equipment can produce up to 30,000 documents per hour. We save you time, money and the hassle of generating hundreds or thousands of statements every month.

Statements and Invoices

Preparing statements and invoices can be a tedious process that requires staff, resources and time. Reduce your overall processing costs by outsourcing your statement production. We manage the printing, stuffing, sorting and mailing of your documents. Most importantly, we save you considerable money on postage by sending all your statements presort first-class mail. Free up personnel and resources for other areas of your business and let us manage the processing of your statements.

Variable Data and High-Speed Inserting

PremierIMS can personalize documents, envelopes and inserts with variable data and graphics. Send customized messages to targeted groups on your mailing  list. Our high-speed inserting technology allows you to include notes or letters along with your statements and invoices. These customization options give you more control over the communication and design of your mailings.

Document Security

The top priority of our Data Department is safe-guarding your confidential information. We take important strides in keeping your information protected by using specialized data shredding software and ensuring our data specialists are well-trained in handling confidential information.

Benefits of Absolute Color Mailplex Statement Processing Services:

High-Volume Processing
Full Color Digital Printing
Variable Data Printing
Lower Postage Rates
Faster Delivery Times
From small monthly batches to high volume accounts, we provide statement processing services to fit your specific needs. Our goal is to provide a streamlined process that saves you time and money.


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